About this blog

"I like to learn, experience, share, and motivate." - yes, that is what I like :)

This is a personal blog. It is about things that inspire me to become the best version of myself and about what I do. My interests always change, so I cannot dedicate it to any particular topic, however I am always interested in personal excellence, technology, and design. I hope that this blog can be an inspirational and educational source for people landing on it.

What is Here

In my blog I share:

  1. Inspirational things that motivate me and inspire me:
    • Role Models
    • Inspirational Stories, quotes, things that worth watching, listening, thinking about
    • Inspirational Futuristic Technology - awesome cool stuff
  2. Educational things that I am busy with:
    • Software Tutorials that I learn for myself, that I teach, that I love
    • Readings - brief summaries & notes from of academic books, book chapters
    • Presentations I do (academic and not so much) and Writings (academic essays, my thesis)
    • Life Lessons (such as how to study abroad, how to get a job, how to improve your resume.. based on my experience)
  3. Personal achievements and diary:
    • My Work - some of my projects I do (academic and just for fun)
    • Daily Adventures - stuff that does not fit into any other category above :)


  • Categories define the content of a website
  • Tags define the content of a post (i.e for classifying the topics mentioned on the website).

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